Indane Gas Booking Number 2023

Indane Gas Booking Number: Gas cylinders have become a necessity in Indian families, powering our kitchens and ensuring our meals are cooked to perfection. But have you ever considered how to make the process of booking gas cylinders simpler and more convenient?

In this blog article, we’ll examine the world of Indane Gas, one of India’s largest providers of LPG cylinders, and its brilliant solution – the Indane Gas booking number.

Indane Gas Booking Number
Indane Gas Booking Number

The Indane Gas Booking Number: A Quick and Convenient Solution

Gone are the days of standing in huge lines or attempting to make time in our busy days to book a gas cylinder. Indane Gas recognizes the value of your time and has created a game-changing solution: the Indane Gas booking number. Indane Gas customers may now book a cylinder in a variety of methods, including online, offline, or just using a booking number.

This revolutionary solution puts the power of gas cylinder bookings at your fingertips, providing unparalleled simplicity and efficiency. You may embrace a seamless experience that saves you valuable time and effort with only a phone call.

Indane Gas Booking Number

The Gas company released an Indane Gas Booking Number +91 7718955555 with IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) facility which made customer’s life very convenient. This automatic system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to schedule your LPG cylinder whenever it is convenient for you.

Any Indane Gas customer may schedule a new cylinder by calling a booking number or sending an SMS to a registered mobile phone.

How to Book Indane LPG Cylinder?

To book an Indane LPG Cylinder, simply follow a few simple steps.

  • Dial +91 7718955555 from your mobile number which is registered with Indane Gas company from your phone.
  • The IVRS prompts you to enter your 16-digit customer ID number. The customer ID number may be found in the Indane gas consumer book.
  • Enter your 16-digit consumer ID number.
  • Once you enter the consumer ID, IVRS will check the customer record at Indane Gas.
  • After verification, the IVRS automated system will place your order for Indane LPG Cylinders.
  • Following your booking, you will receive an SMS confirmation with a reference number and delivery date.
  • Await delivery of the cylinder on the specified date.
  • Pay and get the receipt when the gas cylinder is delivered.

How to Register Number in Indane Gas Records?

Simply follow a few simple steps to register your mobile number with Indane Gas (IOCL) records.

  • If your mobile phone number is not registered in the Indane LPG records, you can register by dialing the IVRS.
  • You may reach Indane Gas at +91 7718955555.
  • After dialing, select a language in which you are comfortable speaking.
  • Then pick the ‘Change of personal registration number’ option.
  • Enter your Indane Gas customer ID.
  • Then input the phone number you want to be registered with and confirm the OTP.

People Also Asked

How can I book Indane gas via Call?

To book a new LPG cylinder you need to call 7718955555.

What is the new number of Indane LPG?

7718955555 is the new number to book an LPG Gas via call.

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